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Android users should use Broadcast Me instead of OS Broadcaster to live stream their mobile camera

by OnyxServers

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Attention Android users,

If you want to live stream your Android camera, please use Broadcast Me app (as opposed to OS Broadcaster). Some customers are reporting OS Broadcaster does not work on their Android devices. We've confirmed this and recommend you use the latest version of Broadcast Me instead. Broadcast Me is free and can be downloaded using Google Play. However you should change the default Broadcast Me encode settings as they are too high. Start by using the following settings and if your mobile upload speed proves fast enough, you can try increasing the video bitrate or resolution further:

Resolution: 640x480
Bitrate: 550 kbps
Frames per second: 25
Keyframe interval: 4
Sample rate 44100
Audio Bitrate: 64

Please contact support if you require assistance with this.

OnyxServers Support

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