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A new platform is coming!

by OnyxServers

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We constantly hear from customers how our platform makes it so easy to incorporate live streaming into their web sites. We developed the OnyxPanel dashboard a number of years ago and now it's time for a change. A few months ago we want back to the drawing board and started designing a framework for a new powerful platform. The process took longer than anticipated because we wanted to leave no stone unturned. Many new technonlogies have emerged over the past few years in the fields of web development, server management, as well as streaming technology. And so we carefully experimented with each one (front-end frameworks, back-end frameworks, UI kits, NoSQL databases, server provisioning tools, etc.) before choosing what we feel is the right staack.

Development is now under way and there are over 30 new features we're working on. We can't reveal them all at this time, but here are a few things you can look forward to:

  • Comprehensive API for developers.
    This one is way overdue!
  • Integration for a number of different video players.
    It's about selection. Each player has its strength and weaknesses so we feel you should be able to choose, customize, and use a player which fits your requirements best.
  • Additional functionality for your viewers.
    Viewer chat integration is just one. The rest we can't reveal since they are kept secret!
  • Video encoding for uploaded media.
    No more encoding your videos before uploading.
  • Real-time analytics.
    Know more than just the current viewer count. Watch a graph of viewer count as your event progresses and see their origin countries on a map, Possibly more.
  • Improved reporting.
    A complete redesign of our stream stats tool.
  • Improved media library.
    Faster and more options. For example, you'll have the ability to sort your videos into categories, and not just folders. Plus create tags you can use to group videos and search using.
  • Additional security measures.
    Addition of RTMPS and protected HLS protocols for bulletproof DRM. Password protection for public broadcast pages as well.
  • Ad monetization.
    Profit from your broadcasts and hosted videos using VAST compliant ad monetization.
  • Twitter inline streaming.
    Just as we currently do with Facebook, you'll be able to post a tweet which plays your live broadcast right on Twitter.
  • Broadcaster dashboard.
    This one's pretty neat. Let's just say you'll be able to do more than just view live stats and chat with your viewers.
  • plus much more!

And don't worry, we promise to KISS (keep it simple stupid)!

Got a suggestion? We'd love to hear from you! Just send us an e-mail and let us know of any features you'd like to see.