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Improvements to server side recording feature

by OnyxServers

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The following changes and improvements have been made to our server side recording feature for live broadcasts:


  • Server side recording is now possible with multi bitrate broadcasts as well as regular (single bitrate) broadcasts.
  • Server side recordings can now grow larger than 2 GB in size. There is no size limit but recordings can not exceed the available storage left for your account.
  • The naming convention for recordings has changed. Broadcast recordings will now follow the convention [date]_[time]_[broadcast name].mp4

Bug fixes:

  • Server side recording would sometimes not commence if encoding was not started immediately following a connection.
  • Server side recording would not work when streaming using OS Broadcaster iOS and Android app.
  • Other minor fixes.

Please remember that server side recording is enabled upon request. To enable this feature for your account, please send a request to support and kindly include your account user ID.

To learn more about this feature please click here.