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Onyx network redundancy kicks in for Asia Pacific viewers to remedy undersea cable system cuts in Singapore

by OnyxServers

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Today we detected incidents of increased latency and packet loss to our edge servers in Singapore. Turns out undersea cable system cuts suffered by Telekom Malaysia off the coast of Singapore have disrupted a significant portion of Malaysia and Singapore's international internet traffic and TM has said repairs could last throughout the month of March. To ensure your Asia Pacific viewers are not affected by this incident, our network is routing all traffic to the region through our Tokyo servers. Furthermore additional servers have been deployed in Tokyo to cope with the surge.

The Singapore incident is a good example demonstrating why streaming technology is best served via a streaming-dedicated global network. Singapore is a major hub for Asia Pacific internet traffic and has become a key Point of Presence (PoP) for Content Delivery Networks. Unfortunately traditional CDNs do not account for the impact such issues can have on broadcasts and streaming videos (as opposed to "content"). Files are still being downloaded and web sites continue to load, albeit slower. This may be acceptable to CDNs, however high latency and packet loss cause broadcasts and videos to lag or buffer. Streaming technology is not just about Quality of Service (QoS) but also about the viewers Quality of Experience (QoE). This is one of the reasons why instead of using a CDN, we're building the Onyx Global Media Delivery Network. You can learn more at

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