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OnyxServers' Media Delivery Network (MDN) 

OnyxServers' expanding network of servers are built specifically to deliver media content with less delay time and less congestion.
white label

White label 

Make it look professional. Embed your broadcasts and videos on any web page without any forced links, references, advertisement, or branding.
customizable player

30+ video player options 

Over 30 settings and options to build your own players and have them look and function exactly as you want them to.
third party players

Support for 3rd party video players 

Every broadcast and video has its own RTMP and HLS address so you are free to use any compatible Flash or HTML5 player (e.g. JW Player).

Facebook streaming 

Just click on the Facebook icon in our platform and the broadcast will play right on your Facebook page and newsfeed.
Pay Per View broadcasting 
Integrated support for Tinypass allows you to monetize your broadcasts using a cost-effective, powerful, and user friendly paywall service.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) 

Stream your broadcasts and videos using Adaptive Bitrate Streaming and stop worrying about viewers connection speed.
bitrate menu

Playback bitrate menu 

Provide viewers with the option to manually adjust the video bitrate (quality) during playback.
iphone android

iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android support 

Our servers transcode your streams to the HLS protocol for maximum compatibility with iOS and Android devices.
mobile streaming

Mobile broadcasting 

Stream live using your iPhone/iPad or Android camera and broadcast it on your web site or right on your Facebook page / newsfeed.
server side recording

Server side recording 

Have a recording of your live streams placed into your media folder and made available for playback just minutes after completion.

Detailed analytics 

Generate reports which can be filtered down based on date/time, broadcast name, video name, country, playback domain, or specific web page.
domain whitelisting

Domain whitelisting 

Protect your broadcasts and video streams from being hijacked by specifying which web site or web sites can play them.
encrypted streaming rtmpe

Encrypted streaming 

Secure your broadcasts and videos by encrypting them before delivery using the RTMPE protocol.
h264 streaming


Stream your broadcasts and videos using the widely adopted H.264 MPEG-4 format for maximum device compatibility.

Content Management System (CMS) friendly 

Our embed codes are compatible with popular CMS such as Wordpress and Joomla.
media management

Media management 

Our platform offers one of the better media management interfaces. Easy to use and offers all the features you need.

FTP access 

If you prefer to use FTP to manage your videos, that's not a problem. FTP access is included.
google analytics

Google Analytics integration 

Send viewer activity to your Google Analytics account and enjoy the full suite of features provided by Google Analytics, including live stats..


Create and manage playlists. Playlists can be customized to match your web site theme.
logo and watermarking

Logo & Watermarking 

Add a logo or watermark to your broadcasts or videos. You can even customize the position, size, and opacity (transparency) level.


Have your broadcasts or videos play inside a lightbox just like one of the videos on our homepage.
no iframes

No <iframe> embed codes 

<iframe> HTML tags can cause problems on some iOS devices. You'll be glad to know our embed codes do not use iframe tags.

Real time player and playlist updating 

Modify the design and behavior of your video players and playlists any time without the need to re-embed any playback code.

Social sharing 

Enable social sharing and allow your viewers to share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Splash image capture tool 

Change splash images and thumbnails by selecting the exact time/frame you want to capture for each video.
closed captioning


Add captions for your videos using the 'Time Text Markup Language'. Viewers can turn captions on/off during playback.
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