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How to broadcast live on Facebook


This guide shows you how to broadcast live on your Facebook timeline or a Facebook page you manage. Our Facebook live streaming feature is very easy to use and works without any Facebook applications. Users will be able to watch your broadcasts right on Facebook and leave comments, share, or like the broadcast.

Please note that currently only single bitrate broadcasts can be streamed on Facebook. If you are using multi bitrate streaming, you need to create a second broadcast and stream both broadcasts at once: one single bitrate broadcast for Facebook and one multi bitrate broadcast for your web site.
Step 1: Start your live broadcast.

Before sharing your broadcast on Facebook you should start the broadcast. This way the broadcast will be on air when users see the post on their timeline. If you haven't already created a live broadcast inside your OnyxServers control panel, please follow these instructions.

Step 2: Click on the Facebook icon

Login to your OnyxServers account and go to your Broadcasts page. Click on the Facebook icon ( ) corresponding to the broadcast you want to stream on Facebook.

Step 3: Select where on Facebook to post the broadcast.

You can now select where to share this broadcast:

If you want the broadcast to play on a Facebook page you manage, select 'Share on a Page you manage'.

If you want the broadcast to play on your timeline for your friends to watch, select 'Share on your timeline'.

You can also post the broadcast to a friends timeline or share in a group.

If you want to test the broadcast on Facebook before sharing publicly, select 'Only Me' from the pulldown menu found near the 'Share Link' button. The post will then be visible to you only.

You can optionally enter some text to be shown with the post.
Step 4: Share the broadcast.

Once you have selected where to post the broadcast and who should be able to watch it, click on 'Share Link'. Your broadcast will now be posted on Facebook and users can watch it right on their timeline or your Facebook page.

For more information please refer to our Facebook live streaming knowledge base.

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