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How to setup a paywall / pay per view (PPV) solution for live broadcasts


After careful examination of existing paywall and pay per view solution providers, OnyxServers has chosen to partner with in order to offer an excellent, cost-effective, and easy to implement paywall / PPV monetization solution for live broadcasts. Tinypass handles all technical and logistical aspects of content restriction, user management, and payment processing. In addition Tinypass' solution works on all major platforms including iOS and Android mobile devices.

Tinypass offers an extremely reasonable per transaction pricing model with no setup or monthly fees. Their fees are as follows:

Transactions $1.99 and above:  2.9% + $0.30
Transactions below $1.99:  18%

Please visit Tinypass' pricing page to confirm the above rates are up to date.

How does OnyxServers' service work with Tinypass?

We have integrated support for Tinypass' solution into our platform. This means you are not required to embed any code from Tinypass into your pages in order to use their service. The embed code generated by our platform automatically enables Tinypass support and the necessary code is added to make Tinypass' technology work for live broadcasting purposes.
Step 1: Create a Tinypass account

Create your TinyPass account by clicking here. You can create your paywall right away after signing up, however after the first 3 transactions, you must submit your application for review. During the review process Tinypass will check to ensure that you’re a legitimate business. You may want to get the approval process started now.


Click on Edit business and enter your business name, website URL, and a description of what you're selling. You can also upload your business logo (used to identify your business or organization to viewers) and a "ticket" image which will be shown to users at the top of the purchase window. You should also enter a support e-mail address users can use to reach you. Once done, save the changes and click on Submit for review.

Step 2: Create a Tinypass paywall
You are now ready to create your paywall. Tinypass offers the following paywall models:
Update: We are currently working on implementing a time-restricted free preview PPV model which works in conjunction with Tinypass' paywall service. Subscribe to our facebook or twitter page to learn when this feature is made available.

If you'd like to give viewers free access to watch your broadcasts and ask for a donation, click on Tinypass Applause.

Selecting Tinypass Applause paywall model?

When creating your Tinypass paywall you should set the following two parameters as shown below by clicking on their respective tabs:

Counter: Set this option to Off as it is not relevant for live broadcasting purposes.
Reminder: Configure this option as "Pop up the offer after 1 views, and then again after 1 views".

Otherwise, click on Tinypass Paywall to setup a pay per view paywall.


Next, you will see an option that allows you to set your paywall type to Previews or No Previews. No Previews should be selected. Do not select the Previews button, as it does not apply for live broadcasting purposes.


Provide the necessary paywall details:

There are two more tabs, Dynamics & Gifting (which are optional). You can learn more about them by clicking on their tab.

Once you're done setting up your paywall, save the changes and be sure to write down the ID assigned to this paywall (displayed on the left hand side of the page).

Step 3: Log in to your OnyxServers account and create a broadcast

Log in to your account and from your Broadcasts page click on Create a new live broadcast.

Enter a title and description for the broadcast and select the desired options. Select Enable Tinypass paywall / PPV for this broadcast and enter the Paywall ID.


Click Create broadcast once done.

TIP: You can save your Paywall ID in your OnyxServers Settings page to avoid having to type it in every time a new broadcast is created.
Step 4: Paste the broadcast embed code into your web page

Click on the embed code button ( embed button ) for the newly created broadcast. Copy and paste the embed code into your web page HTML code.

Please note that it is not necessary to use the embed code provided by Tinypass. Your OnyxServers broadcast embed code includes all the necessary code to make it work with Tinypass.

Using Wordpress or Joomla CMS?

Please follow these instructions when pasting the broadcast embed code:

Wordpress users: Use the Text tab when editing your page and enclose the embed code using <code> and </code> tags..

Joomla v1.5 users: Turn off HTML filtering by following the instructions found here.

Joomla v1.7 users: In the Joomla admin interface, set Article ManagerOptionsText FiltersSuper UsersNo Filter. Make sure that you only set this option for user groups that can be trusted as setting the Filter Type to No Filtering will essentially allow the user to include any html in an article.

Joomla v2.5 users: In the Joomla Global Configuration interface, click on Text Filters tab and for the Super Users group, set Filter Type to No Filtering. Make sure that you only set this option for user groups that can be trusted as setting the Filter Type to No Filtering will essentially allow the user to include any html in an article.

Still having embed issues with Joomla? If the video player still doesn't look right, change the default editor to Editor - None (SiteGlobal ConfigurationSiteDefault editor). Paste the embed code, save, and then switch back to your regular Joomla editor.
Step 5: Protect your live broadcast

It is very important that you enable domain whitelisting inside your OnyxServers account. Otherwise anyone who has access to watch your broadcasts can hijack and stream them publicly on their website by simply copying the embed code.

To whitelist your domain or domains, log in to your OnyxServers account and go to your Security page. Enter your domain name(s) and click Add.


Your live broadcasts are now available to paying members only. When users attempt to watch a protected broadcast they'll be presented with a paywall curtain which looks like the one in the screenshot below.


Should you have any questions or need assistance please contact us.

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