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A smarter, more flexible, and cost-effective Pay Per View streaming service.

Monetize your live streams using our platforms' integrated support for Tinypass, the leading paywall solutions provider.

Using our platform you can combine the advantages of Tinypass service with the reliability and performance of OnyxServers live streaming service and easily implement a multi-platform, user friendly, and versatile Pay Per View streaming solution which tops existing Pay Per View services offered by streaming companies alone. Not just in terms of cost, but also features!

Key Advantages:

Easy to implement

Our platforms' integrated support for Tinypass service makes it possible to easily enable their powerful paywall service for your live streams or events. Click here for instructions.

Maximize your revenue

There are no monthly or setup fees. Tinypass commissions only 2.9% + $0.30 of each transaction or 18% flat for transactions under $1.99.
Pay per view (PPV) service

Maximize your audience

Market your PPV streams to all major platforms, including iOS and Android, and accept payment via credit card, PayPal, Amazon Payments, and even Bitcoin!

Create different pricing options

You can sell tickets for a set duration in order to sell a PPV event or offer recurring billing memberships for sites which stream live 24x7. You can set multiple prices, offer time sensitive promotional discounts, and even offer "pay what you want" access.


Offer free access to your streams but prompt viewers for monetary support using 'Tinypass Applause'.

Split pay

Want to share a certain percentage of the revenue with another party? That's not a problem. Just provide their e-mail address to Tinypass and they will take care of the rest.

Manage subscriptions

Offer recurring billing subscriptions and manage memberships through Tinypass' straightforward interface or advanced developer API. A Tinypass account is also created for every subscriber allowing them to manage their membership and save you time.


Modify the HTML and CSS for your paywall and have it match your web site theme.

pay per view live streaming

Generate reports

Generate analytics on your revenue and conversion rates and find out who is buying, what is your most popular content, and what are the popular price points.


Developers can manage paywall features and user subscriptions using Tinypass' API for Java, PHP, .NET, and Ruby. Implementation is made simple with excellent documentation and examples. A sandbox environment is available for testing and development.
tinypass payment methods
Live PPV implementation guide  
Tinypass knowledge base 
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