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Video hosting service that uses true streaming technology and is cost effective.

* Included with all plans starting from just $19.95 p/mo.

Big space, big bandwidth, and big features.

If you are looking for a video hosting service that is both professional and cost effective, you have found it. Our video hosting platform allows you to easily upload and manage your videos and stream them to your audience using true streaming technology (i.e. RTMP and HLS protocols). You can also encode your videos using different bitrates and enjoy the benefits of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) or give viewers the option to adjust the bitrate during playback. Our platform also allows you to create white-label video players and playlists designed to perfectly match your web site theme.

Multi-device support

Stream your videos to all popular devices including iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.

True streaming technology

Unlike most video hosting providers, we use true streaming technology (i.e. RTMP and HLS protocols) to deliver your videos.

Easy video management

Our intuitive video management platform makes it easy to upload, manage, and embed your videos.

No ads

We keep it professional. We don't impose ads and our video player has no references or links to our web site.

Fully brandable video player

Create and customize your own video players and tweak over 30 different parameters. You can create different video players for different web sites.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) & playback bitrate menu

Stream your videos using multiple bitrates to match the users bandwidth. You can either allow viewers to adjust the bitrate during playback or let our servers dynamically adjust the video bitrate to match the viewers internet speed (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming).

Playlist management

Create playlists that match your web site theme. And there's no need to re-embed or modify any code when you update your playlists.
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